If you happen to be in Sardinia, you love archaeology, and you wish to be enthralled by a museum in which stunning and intriguing items are masterly exhibited and explained, you should head for Laconi and see the “Museo dei Menhir” at Palazzo Aymerich, erstwhile residence of the local marquises. Forgotten for thousands of years in the countryside, the first menhirs were discovered in 1969, and from 2010 onward they have gradually been brought into the new museum. In its eleven rooms you can see 44 menhirs of various shapes and types, presented as if they were still in the ground where they had been standing for thousands of years. Room after room an exemplary educational apparatus unravels the mystery of the symbols carved on these stelae (almost two meters high in some cases) by the ancient inhabitants.

Renzo Freschi

After visiting the museum don’t forget to see the Aymerich Park too, where you can enjoy, particularly in the summer heat, a nice walk among ancient trees and cool streams.

Renzo Freschi
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